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Honolulu's Next Budget Director Expects Challenges, 'A Tough 2022'

The Honolulu City Council is expected to confirm Andy Kawano as the city's next budget director today. The city's department of budget and fiscal services has one of the largest responsibilities in city government.

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White House Renews Virus Briefings: Many More Still Will Die

WASHINGTON — As many as 90,000 Americans are projected to die from the coronavirus in the next four weeks, the Biden administration warned in its first science briefing on the COVID-19 pandemic, as experts outlined efforts to improve the delivery and injection of COVID-19 vaccines.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, nearly 20 countries around the world have more than a million cases of COVID-19. The United States tops the list by far at more than 25 million cases. But the latest country to break a million is in Southeast Asia.

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HONOLULU — Birthday plans for one of Hawaii's most esteemed houses have raised concerns over the proposed $53,000 cost while the state deals with significant economic problems stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Updated 1/26/21, 12:51 p.m.

Internet users across the northeast U.S. experienced widespread outages for several hours Tuesday, interrupting work and school because of an unspecified Verizon network issue.

Department of Land and Natural Resources

HILO — The University of Hawaii plans to proceed with construction of a teaching telescope on the state's highest mountain despite mixed reaction from the public.

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Among the many locations dealing with rising cases of the coronavirus is Malaysia. The Southeast Asian country imposed some restrictions earlier this month, but a debate is underway about whether to take further steps.


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Today we spotlight the history of the Oahu North Shore town of Waialua. The first sugarcane plantation started there in 1865, but it wasn’t a success until decades later. Castle and Cooke bought the plantation in 1898 and built a new mill, a railway system, water storage and irrigation. By 1991, the Waialua Sugar Mill produced 8% of the sugar in Hawaii.


Sasint via Pixabay
Sasint via Pixabay

CRNA Who? It's Certified Nurse Anesthetists Week, and we're going to discuss who this essential member of the health care team is and why they are needed now more than ever in the hospital to help patients in the operating room and throughout their hospital stay.

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Reactions to the State of the State Address; DOH to vaccinate Kalaupapa community; East-West Medical Institute discusses vaccine trial findings; Reality Check: Lack of tourism revenue hits Kauai healthcare facility; How to combat overtourism

Reactions to the State of the State Address

Democratic Governor David Ige gave his 2021 State of the State Address this morning. Governor Ige urges residents to look forward after an unprecedented year. Tom Yamachika, President of Tax Foundation of Hawaii, joins us with reactions.

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Hawaiian Word of the Day: January 27th

9 hours ago

ʻOmawawe is how we say microwave oven in Hawaiian. You know that is a new word in our language, but a useful one.

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