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Ann Tanimoto-Johnson Bio headshot

Ann Tanimoto-Johnson

Contributing Producer

Ann Tanimoto-Johnson has been passionate about forestry and wildlife, especially our Hawai’i birds ever since she can remember. She studied Agriculture with a specialty in Tropical Horticulture and worked in a plant tissue culture lab while pursuing her B.S. and M.S. degrees. She received her M.S. in the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Program, UH Hilo in 2014 where her thesis research focused on describing vocal characteristics of the ˊAlalā, or Hawaiian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis), and on comparing the current captive population with the past wild population. Since then, she has worked as the Lab Manager & Research Technician in the Hart Lab/Listening Observatory for Hawaiian Ecosystems (LOHE) Bioacoustics Lab researching the ecology, bioacoustics, and conservation of our native Hawaiian forests, birds, and bats.