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Calling all night owls and early birds! It's Sleep Week on The Conversation

Savannah Harriman-Pote

Hawaiʻi ranks first for insufficient sleep nationwide. This week on The Conversation, we ask sleep experts, insomnia specialists, and even a zookeeper about why that might be.

Find each story in our sleep series here:

  • Monday, Aug. 22: Should good sleep habits be a part of the college curriculum?
    • Schools nationwide are taking a closer look at student sleep, but that hasn’t happened yet here in Hawaiʻi. As classes start at UH Mānoa, students are gearing up for another busy — and sleepless — year. One sleep expert shared how schools can address sleep hygiene without changing class times.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 24: Do workers have a right to sleep?
    • We look at the protections for the workers who bring us our 24-hour world. And we hear from a familiar voice: HPR's Derrick Malama, local host of Morning Edition.
  • Thursday, Aug. 25: What are the causes of insomnia?
    • Nearly one-third of people will experience insomnia at some point in their life. But what do we really know about the origin of sleep disorders? We hear from a Honolulu resident who has been looking for answers for 15 years.
Share your story for Sleep Week! Fill out our brief survey on what factors affect your sleep.

Listen to our series live on The Conversationweekdays at 11 a.m. on HPR-1.

Savannah Harriman-Pote is the energy and climate change reporter. She is also the lead producer of HPR's This Is Our Hawaiʻi podcast.
Emily Tom was a temporary digital news producer in summer 2023 and an intern in summer 2022.
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