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Honolulu officials adding rail into public transit rules

The Honolulu Rail Transit Project

Honolulu's Bill 32 would apply most of the existing rules for public transportation to the city's under-construction rail system.

That means you can bring a service animal but not your pet, and there's no spitting allowed. But there's also a new guideline.

"One item that we did add was an area that prohibited intimidating and harassing behavior on a transit vehicle," said Roger Morton, director of the city's transportation services department.

"We are in discussions with HPD over that particular provision, and we will be meeting with them shortly. But from my perspective, it is the one concern that's universal throughout the country, right now, is the need for all of us to keep public transportation systems not only safe and secure — but perceived to be safe and secure, as well."

There is at least one difference between the rail and TheBus. While you can't bring a surfboard or luggage on TheBus, those items will be permitted on the rail. Morton says there is sufficient room for them in the rail cars.

Interim rail service between Kapolei and Aloha Stadium is expected to begin in July.

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