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Everything you need to know about 2022 county ballot amendment questions

Hawaiʻi Public Radio

If you just received your 2022 general election ballot in the mail, you may be wondering what the county charter amendment questions mean.

Ballot questions give voters the opportunity to make their voices heard on certain issues. Approved proposals result in changes to your county’s lawbook.

Questions can tackle a range of actions like creating new departments or commissions, changing how county government operates, and even tackling everyday issues.

Every county does it a little differently, but for the most part, charter amendments can be proposed through a combination of council members, the mayor’s office, or other boards and commissions.

HPR's Sabrina Bodon spoke with experts in each of Hawaiʻi's counties to break down how the proposed amendments might affect you.


Voters can expect to receive ballots in the mail during the week of Oct. 17. Voting will close at 7 p.m. on Nov. 8.

Voter resources and important links:

Sabrina Bodon was Hawaiʻi Public Radio's government reporter.
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