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Rocky's great-granddaughter born on Lānaʻi breaks Hawaiian monk seal record

Anthony Quintano
FILE - Rocky the Hawaiian monk seal.

Rocky was the first Hawaiian monk seal to give birth to pups in Waikīkī in front of tourists. Now the descendants of the endangered monk seal are also breaking records.

Rocky’s granddaughter ʻImikai gave birth to a female pup on Lānaʻi.

The baby girl is the first seal tagged as a weaned pup on Lānaʻi — and the fifth known seal to be born on the island since 2014.

A local fisherman first reported ʻImikai and the pup on July 1.

ʻImikai nursed her daughter for about 5 weeks and weaned her at the end of July.

The endangered Hawaiian monk seal population surpassed 1,500 seals for the first time in 20 years this year.

Zoe Dym was a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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