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Honolulu Police Chief Logan shares transparency goals, outlook

HPD chief joe logan and rick blangiardi may 2022.jpeg
Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi
Incoming Honolulu Police Department Chief Arthur "Joe" Logan, left, speaking to Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi after the Honolulu Police Commission selected Logan as the next police chief in May 2022.

Even when Honolulu Police Department Chief Arthur “Joe” Logan wasn’t on the force, he says he felt a calling to go back to the department.

“In my heart, I said, I think I would like to be the police chief and lead the police department into the 21st century,” Logan said Friday during a press conference.

Logan was sworn in last week as the 12th chief, following a year-long selection process, often marred by past history of corruption.

And Logan has been accused of being less than transparent since his selection as chief in May. During that Friday press conference, he took time to address his reported private swearing-in ceremony earlier last week.

“I finally got my clearances, whether medical, and so once that clearance came in, we had to put a quick ceremony together to get me sworn in so I could start the job,” he said, sharing that since his initial appointment, he’s just been a volunteer in the department.

He said a more formal ceremony in June was always in the works. “We always planned to do that.”

Critics also say that his estranged son, Zane Logan, has received special treatment. The chief said that’s far from the truth, sharing that everything he’s learned about his son’s alleged crimes has been what he’s read in the news.

“I've told all the commanders in the command meeting the other day that you treat my son like any other person you would treat on the streets, just because he has my last name doesn't give him any right or privilege,” he said, noting that he and his adult son have not been on speaking terms in the last few years.

It’s within HPD that Logan wants to focus his attention.

Logan is hoping to meet with each officer and division within the next six months. After that, he’ll focus on public perception.

“My first goal in the department right now is to earn the trust and competence of the members of the Honolulu Police Department,” he said. “I'm working on that right now. And to do that, and then together, we will earn and rebuild the trust with the community.”

Logan started his first week back on the force by auditing staffing, possibly looking to rearrange special assignments to cover over 300 vacancies.

“All those 300 vacancies aren’t just in patrol, right? But patrol is the primary focus of the department right now because that's where we engage with the public the most,” Logan said.

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