Nick Yee

Host, Bridging the Gap

Nick Yee’s passion for music developed at an early age, as he collected jazz and rock records pulled from dusty locations while growing up in both southern California and Honolulu.  In college he started DJ-ing around town, playing long acid jazz and bossa nova sets at various lounges under the name dj mr.nick.  He started to incorporate down tempo and electronic music into his sets as his popularity grew, eventually getting DJ residences at different Chinatown locations. To this day, he is a fixture in the Honolulu underground club scene, where his live sets are famous for being able to link musical and cultural boundaries, starting mellow and building the audience into a frenzy.

In addition to his club life, Nicholas has spent the last 7 years as a DJ for UH Mānoa’s KTUH, running one of its most popular radio shows The Jet Set. He has also served at KTUH in various capacities, including manager and educator.

Ways to Connect

This Saturday, I'm DJing at the Earthdance Festival in Pahala on the Big Island. So I'm using tonight's show to pick out music that I may (or may not) play out there. It's going to be fun, upbeat and filled with global beats.

There are just a few days left in summer with the season offically ending on Saturday. So I'm taking the oppurtunity to put out one last show filled with breezy, laid back slices of sunshine.

Casey Weldon
Casey Weldon

With all this music I have piling up, I though it would be good to put together a show of songs from albums that have recently been added to my collection, but are not new releases.

So I was originally going to do a show on  all this music I have piling up... BUT I'm shamefully not prepared for it, and didn't feel up to it anyway, soooo I'm picking a show on the fly. Something I enjoy doing much more than planning it out.  It's pure DJing.

Pietro Tenuta
Pietro Tenuta

Keeping the music mellow and chilled for this Monday evening session of Bridging the Gap.

Tonight's show is built around the new album from Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band which released their new album "The Serpent's Mouth" earlier today. It's a great excuse to dig into funky/tropical/latin sounds, and set us up for the weekend.

Since the storm has passed... but it's still wet across the islands... i'm putting together a playlist of warm songs to cuddle up to this evening on Bridging the Gap.


Taking a musical cure from tropical storm Olivia, and putting together a playlist about storms, rain, and weather for tonight's session of Bridging the Gap.

Exploring new music, and recent discoveries on in this session of Bridging the Gap.

Ronald Ong
Ronald Ong

Keeping the music mellow and a little beat driven this Monday evening for Bridging the Gap.

Xue Wang
Xue Wang

Setting the music to Party for this Friday evening session of Bridging the Gap. I'm picking it out on the fly... so expect it to be random and eclectic, but all killer, no filler.

Tomorrow night (Friday) I'm DJing a very rare Ska/Dancehall/Calypso set at Downbeat Lounge in Oahu's Chinatown for 1st Friday.  So I'm talking tonight's show to play some favorites from one of my 1st musical loves... and mixing in some Ska, classic Dancehall, and some Calypso.

Following on the heels of yesterday's New Music show.  There's so much that I didn't get to squeeze into last night's show, so I'm going to take one more night to keep us current with what's coming down the rail.

Working through new music and new acquisitions this evening on Bridging the Gap. Expect songs from Beach Goons, Smithsonian Folkways, and more.

Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey

Using this Labor Day to pay tribute to all of us working class through song.

Gray Malin
Gray Malin

It's FRIDAY! So I'm just putting together a fun, positive show to get us swinging into the weekend.

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Keeping the music cool and mellow for this Thursday evening, with bits of Jazz, Exotica and Downtempo.

I woke up this morning with a lot of Drum and Bass stuck in my head, so I'm using tonight's show to showcase some of it's diversity and more global side.

Simon Stalenhag
Simon Stalenhag

In our never-ending quest to stay current, we're going back and forth between new music and a few older favorites this evening on Bridging the Gap.

Back into the station after a brief little break, and thank you to Paige and Casey for subbing in for me last week.  For tonight's show, I'm keeping it mellow with bits of Downtempo, Acid Jazz, and a little mellow indie-folk.

Paige Okumura better known as DJ Mermaid from KTUH will be guest hosting Bridging the Gap for Monday through Wednesday over the next week.

Casey Harlow better known as DJ Harlow from from KTUH, and writer for HPR News will be guest hosting Bridging the Gap for fridays over the next two weeks.

Set List: 

Using this show to pay tribute to the Aretha Franklin who died this morning at the age of 76. I'll also be weaving in some classic soul.

Putting together an eclectic show to ward off those mid-week blues. Expect a little bit of Jazz, a little sitar, and a little whacky spoken word.

Exploring new music tonight on the show...and it's gonna be a pretty wide range. But since it's new, it's also a little experimental, so be warned that some of it may be a little strange.

Keeping the music mellow and jazzy this evening with new music from Kamasi Washington, Jesse Fischer and John Coltrane.... yes that John Coltrane.

Keeping the music fun and upbeat for this Friday evening, with an electronic take on Latin, Swing, Jazz and Soul.

Alex Garant
Alex Garant

We're back on track after yesterday's abrupt left-turn of a show (thanks for that). Tonight's I'm keeping the air eclectic with new music from a variety of different styles.