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Hawai‘i Symphony Concertmaster on Returning to the Waikiki Shell


Did you know the Hawai’i Symphony Orchestra is back playing sunset concerts at the Waikiki Shell? It’s one of Honolulu's best experiences, not too terribly dimmed by unexpected guests at the venue. You may have heard about the birds nesting in the rafters requiring the extra drapery and tents over the cello section—it’s been a mess. The musicians have been working under these conditions for months now.

Ignace Jang, the Hawai’i Symphony’s concertmaster, has nurtured a generation of Hawai’i’s best violin players. Over the pandemic, his symphony role expanded with a weekly video conversation about making music called "Tuning Up."

Jang revealed an amazing truth about violin playing when he spoke with The Conversation recently, starting with how his fellow symphony players have fared through the pandemic.

"Some of my colleagues who had rent to pay every month—some of them managed, some of them had family on the mainland so they've been staying on the mainland," he said. "I feel that this summer is the beginning of the end of the pandemic, with more and more musicians on stage with more and more audience members."

Click here to learn more about the Sheraton Starlight Series currently playing at the Waikiki Shell.

Noe Tanigawa covers art, culture and ideas for Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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