Brush Fire Closes Maui's Kapalua Airport

10 hours ago

Kapalua Airport in Maui was closed and evacuated Tuesday because of a brush fire that damaged power supply lines, causing the airport to lose power.

Tim Sakahara, spokesperson for the state’s Department of Transportation explained that flames approached the perimeter of the airport and smoke also impacted aircraft visibility.

Incoming flights were diverted to Maui’s Kahalui airport.

All planes on the ground were able to take off before the evacuation order went into effect.

Sakahara said about eight flights were impacted.

“It’s going to be closed for today as the crews battle the fire throughout the evening,” he said. “In the morning we’re going to have to reassess not only the fire and what the conditions are with that, but also the power situation to determine if the power has been restored at the airport.”

Sakahara said that Makani kai, Mokulele, Hawaiian Airlines and cargo carriers are the main companies that will be affected by airport closure.