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Visitor arrivals were down 31% in September compared to 2019

AP Photo/Caleb Jones, File

A new state report details the economic impacts of the Delta variant surge in September.

According to a monthly report highlighting visitor arrivals and spending, more than 505,000 travelers came to the islands last month.

That is down 31% compared to the same time in 2019. Fewer visitors also meant a drop in dollars spent.

Throughout September, visitors spent a little more than $1 billion — which is down 15% from 2019.

In August, Gov. David Ige urged travelers to curtail nonessential travel because of a surge in coronavirus cases due to the Delta variant.

Earlier this month, Ige announced nonessential inter-island and trans-Pacific travel are encouraged again — starting Monday.

Starting next week, Honolulu will allow outdoor and indoor entertainment venues to operate at full capacity with vaccinated attendees, the mayor said Wednesday as he announced the latest measures easing coronavirus restrictions.

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