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The Conversation: Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Wikimedia Commons

Politcal Activist Angela Davis; Hawaii Musician Ron Artis II; Jazz Guitarist Lee Ritenour

Inouye Distinguished Chair in Democratic Ideals: Angela Davis

Angela Davis

Credit Angela Davis
Angela Davis

If you’re of a certain age, the name Angela Davis may bring you right back to the tumultuous days of the late 1960s and early 70s. She was academic who challenged academia, a political activist and a member of the Black Panthers and an all black branch of the Communist party. She went on to become a prolific writer and lecturer and is now a distinguished professor emerita in the History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies departments at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Over the next month, Angels Davis will be in residence at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as the spring 2016 Dan and Maggie Inouye Distinguished Chair in Democratic Ideals.

Intro Music: Mama Tried by Merle Haggard

Outro Music: Sweet Black Angel by TheRolling Stones

Tour 2016: Ron Artis II

Ron Artis II

Credit ronartisii.com
Ron Artis II

 You could say Ron Artis II comes from a musical family, but that wouldn’t tell half the story. He and his siblings are lucky enough to have grown up in a world where creative endeavor was the everyday business of life, and everyone was encouraged in every possible avenue of self-expression. The evidence is there in his live performances, and as he embarks on a new series of shows, he’s with us, guitar in hand, in our studio.

Outro Music: Getting Older by Ron Artis II

Lee Ritenour Guitarist

Lee Ritenour

Credit Wikimedia Commons
Lee Ritenour

  Lee Ritenour says the guitar is the most versatile instrument of them all, and his career illustrates his point. He’s probably as comfortable with different genres as anyone alive, famed as a musical chameleon. Yet he has been able to forge a distinctive jazz style that builds on the growing tradition of jazz guitar a tradition that, as he told us the other day, is still evolving.

Intro Music: A Little Bumpin' by Lee Ritenour

Outro Music: Fatback by Lee Ritenour

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