HPR's All Things Considered Off The Road With Steve Hackett

Jul 31, 2020


Today All Things Considered Honolulu Host Dave Lawrence continues our Off the Road series of interviews with musicians sharing how the pandemic and other crises have touched them.

Steve Hackett is a guitarist who is best known to fans for his years as part of the classic line-up of Genesis that featured both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. He also was in GTR with Steve Howe of Yes and Asia, as well as having recorded with members of Queen and many others. His tapping guitar technique has been credited with inspiring people like Eddie Van Halen and put him in the company of people like Stanley Jordan.

Steve has stayed busy during the pandemic with a new book, A Genesis In My Bed, which he shares stories from in this chat, as well as how the virus impacted his touring plans, his views on the Black Lives Matter / police reform movements, and other issues he's passionate about, like the plight of refugees fleeing war. 


Hear the complete half-hour+ new interview as well as Steve's 2017 interview.

See video of Steve live at Royal Albert Hall playing a Genesis classic:

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