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Judy Collins - Part Two - Off The Road with Dave Lawrence

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Brad Trent

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Today, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence concludes two days with a returning guest who has history in the state stretching back over a half century: Judy Collins.

Judy joined us from her apartment in New York City. She is returning to Hawaii in early 2022 to the Blue Note, among the last places she played before the crisis began.

Hear part one from yesterday.

Judy Collins is a legendary performer who takes us all the way back to the beginning in part one of our two features that make up this Off The Road episode. First she explained how the pandemic impacted her life initially, and shared a few of the highlights from her experiences, like her performance at Town Hall in New York early this year, where she performed many of the songs from her debut there in 1964. She also told us about ways her upcoming tour plans have been affected, including dates that were planned with Arlo Guthrie, and she walks us through some of the incredible history they have with a 60-year friendship, including Arlo opening for her when he was just 13! Finally, she dug into her new podcast, Since You’ve Asked, and highlights some of the special guests she’s been speaking with.

Today, for part two, Judy offers some classic stories centered around important people she's had in her life for a half-century - Joni Mitchell and Clive Davis - and thanks to Steve the Mystery Emailer, we get into stories connecting to Hawaii that go back to the mid-1960s. We’ll also post the complete new interview, which contains many more stories not featured in the two podcast segments.


Hear the complete new interview:

Hear some classic interviews we’ve done with Judy from 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2014.

See videos Judy published earlier this year of a recent live performance:

Off The Road started in April 2020 when the pandemic led to a halt in the touring entertainment industry. Connecting with artists around the world since, we’ve offered intimate conversations and many exclusive musical performances with some of the biggest names in music, spanning many genres, eras and styles. Some of the highlight artists we’ve welcomed so far include John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Linda Ronstadt, Al Di Meola, 10,000 Maniacs, Alice Cooper, Soul Asylum, Deep Purple, Third World, George Benson, Heart, Joe Satriani, The Doors, Randy Brecker, Peter Frampton and System of a Down.

Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road), and Stargazer.
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