HPR's All Things Considered Off The Road With Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner

May 29, 2020

Grammy Award winning rock act Soul Asylum is one of the many music groups affected by the coronavirus that we're speaking to in a new series we're calling Off the Road. Today HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence welcomed their front man, founder/guitarist/singer Dave Pirner remotely from his Minneapolis home.

He shared his personal experiences with the virus, how he and the band have been impacted, and even played a solo acoustic version of one of their #1 alternative rock hits. Dave explained how he had a new book, Loud Fast Words: Soul Asylum Collected Lyrics, come out in March, before the band’s latest album, Hurry Up and Wait, dropped in the middle of April. Their tour was also interrupted, the dates postponed until the fall, but they're doing stripped down live Friday night webcasts in the interim.

Dave spent nearly forty minutes sharing stories and the complete interview / performance session is posted here, too:

Credit Tony Nelson

Hear the new album:

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