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HPR reporters share some of their favorite stories from 2022

Hawaiʻi Public Radio

In 2022, Hawaiʻi Public Radio brought you stories about the aftermath of the Navy Red Hill fuel spill, deep dives into political candidates, and the latest on exciting cultural festivals across the islands.

With the new year offering more opportunities to learn from our community, HPR reporters take a look back at our favorite stories of the year:

How Little League's history in Hawaiʻi influences Honolulu's team ahead of championship game | By Sabrina Bodon

"I grew up going to Williamsport, Pennsylvania with my family to watch the Little League World Series, so it was a treat to report on a local team of all-stars from Honolulu. For these stories, I got to dig into the history of Little League in Hawaiʻi; watch the championship with friends of the coaches; and celebrate the winners upon their return, both at the airport and during the city's Parade of Champions. Kudos to the team and coaches on a fantastic run!" — Sabrina Bodon, reporter/Little League correspondent

Ethnic and cultural festivals return to Oʻahu after 2 years of pandemic impacts & Neighbor island arts and cultural staples return after 2 years of pandemic challenges | By Jayna Omaye

"I love covering our ethnic and cultural festivals because they are truly a reflection of our diverse communities coming together for a common goal. The sense of community, strong cultural ties and the army of volunteers behind them are some of the highlights." — Jayna Omaye, culture and arts reporter

Kailua High resource center is a 'one-stop shop' for family and student needs | By Casey Harlow

"When it comes to education, a lot of people have told me there’s too much attention on the negative and not enough on the positives. Although there are issues that need to be addressed in our public schools, there are also a lot of good things happening in them as well. Kailua High’s family resource center is an example of how school staff are helping parents and students get the most out of the state education system, while also reinforcing the sense of community within a school." — Casey Harlow, reporter

Mail-in voting still presents obstacles for people with disabilities | By Sabrina Bodon

"We had a lot of great election coverage this year, but one of my favorite stories highlights the new Statewide Voters with Special Needs Advisory Committee. This story gives people the opportunity to better understand some obstacles and challenges those with disabilities may have in voting. Since speaking with some members, the committee has put up this survey, which will be used in the future to better inform the state on what they can do better ensure private voting and access." — Sabrina Bodon, reporter

UH Esports brings home international gaming award | By Casey Harlow

"I grew up playing video games. You name it, I probably spent a ridiculous amount of time playing it. Growing up, I knew that competitive, professional video game contests were a thing in South Korea. But never in my wildest dreams did I think it would become what it is today. Covering the journey of esports at UH and HPU not only sparks the inner child in me, but it makes me wonder how video games can become an economic driver in the state. Competition can result in millions for a lucky few. But for most, it can turn that passion into a well-paying career. Careers that can help address the brain drain, and keep local kids home." — Casey Harlow, reporter

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