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New law extends license renewal period for adults aged 72 to 79

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City and County of Honolulu

Several new state laws are set to go into effect on Jan. 1, including Act 159, which extends the driver's license renewal period from two years to four years for residents between 72 and 79 years old.

On Oʻahu, the new law could affect more than 75,000 drivers.

But there's an added step. Applicants must show that there aren't any conditions that could impair their driving.

"When they come in to renew, if there are any exhibited physical or mental medical conditions that could impair driving, they are asked to complete a medical certificate," said Kim Hashiro, director of the Honolulu Department of Customer Services.

Hashiro said applicants must have their doctor complete the form, then send it back to the county's transportation department. In the meantime, they are issued a temporary license.

Drivers ages 72 and older with medical conditions that could impair driving are eligible for two-year driver’s licenses with the medical form. For drivers ages 80 and older, the renewal period is still two years.

Residents can renew their licenses six months before it expires.

More information can be found online through each county's licensing or motor vehicle department:

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