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Honolulu workers make $2 more per hour compared to US average


Workers in Honolulu make about $2 more per hour compared to the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment and wages report for urban Honolulu.

Workers made an average of $29.74 an hour in May. That’s about $2 — or 6% — more than the national average of $28.01.

Office and administrative support was the largest group of workers, making up 13% of urban Honolulu's workforce. They made an average of $22.18 an hour, compared to the $20.88 national average.

The second-largest group of workers was in food service. They made up 9.5% of the workforce in Honolulu, compared to 8% across the nation. Food workers in Honolulu made an average of $16.87 an hour.

There were wide discrepancies in some industries compared to their national counterparts. Health care practitioners and technical staff made $55.98 an hour — higher than the national average of $43.80.

Lawyers in Honolulu made significantly less than their mainland counterparts. Those in the legal field made an average of $41.92 an hour — 23% below the $54.38 an hour made by mainland peers.

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