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Maui mayor tests negative for COVID-19 following meeting with unvaccinated residents

Michael Victorino

Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino tested negative for COVID-19 this past weekend after meeting in person with several unvaccinated Maui residents, one of whom later tested positive for the virus.

UPDATE: Mayor Victorinoʻs originally reported that two of the three people he met with had tested positive for the coronavirus. On Tuesday, he clarified that only one had tested positive.

The residents met with the mayor on Thursday to advocate for a town hall community meeting with others opposed to COVID-19 safety measures, Victorino said. They had negative test results prior to the meeting.

Victorino’s office said he learned from a social media post on Saturday that two of the residents tested positive for COVID soon after meeting with him.

“I am disappointed that no one reached out to my office to immediately let me know of the positive test,” Victorino said. “That was irresponsible, and could result in the spread of the disease by myself and several executive staff members."

All members of Victorino’s staff are vaccinated, and those who were also present at the meeting have since tested negative.

Victorino said while he appreciates hearing all viewpoints on the issue, he will not hold in-person town hall-style gatherings, but will meet virtually with constituents.

Scott Kim is a news editor at Hawaiʻi Public Radio. Contact him at
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