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Hawaiʻi Will Have 100M Trees by 2030

kahunapulej/Creative Commons

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources wants 100 million trees to grow in Hawaiʻi.

This is part of a United Nations project to grow one trillion trees across the globe within the next decade.

A large part of Hawaiʻi’s plan is to conserve existing native trees, with conservation centers built by the DLNR.

Leah Laramee is a natural resource planner for the department. She explains, "Protecting existing forests is going to be one of our big drivers, but we’re also going to be conserving land through acquisition."

"We’re going to be supporting conservation practices on private land, as well as planting trees in native areas, natural areas, and urban landscape," Laramee tells HPR.

The 100 million trees will help absorb carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas largely responsible for climate change.

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