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The Conversation: Mobile Vaccine Clinics Roll Out

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Mobile vaccine clinics roll out in high risk communities; The Long View with political analyst Neal Milner; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Defects on the rail project; Protecting the native i'iwi bird; Manu Minute with Dr. Patrick Hart; Local students help storm water runoff project

Mobile vaccine clinics roll out in high risk communities

Credit AP Photo/Frank Augstein, Pool

Efforts to vaccinate high risk communities such as homeless camps and community centers continue. Kaiser Permanente is leading the effort by partnering with local nonprofits to better reach those communities. Kim Gibu, Senior Manager for Care Delivery, spoke with Hawaii Public Radio about past and future vaccination plans.

Kim Gibu, registered nurse and Senior Manager for Care Delivery at Kaiser Permanente

The Long View with political analyst Neal Milner

Why are pickup trucks so popular with buyers? Last year, five of the 10 top-selling vehicles in the country were pickup trucks. Former UH Manoa professor and political analyst Neal Milner shared his thoughts about a recent article in Bloomberg Citylab by Angie Schmitt. 

Contributing political analyst Neal Milner

Reality Check with Civil Beat: Defects on the rail project

The latest problem with the multibillion-dollar rail project involves the wheels of the driverless train cars and the track crossings. Civil Beat reporter Marcel Honore spoke us with about the latest developments from Tuesday's Honolulu City Council meeting. Click here to read Marcel Honore's article.

Civil Beat reporter Marcel Honore

Protecting the native i'iwi bird

Credit Ann Tanimoto-Johnson
'I'iwi on the branches of an 'ohi'a lehua

A new lawsuit filed by the Center for Biological Diversity hopes to institute protections for the native i'iwi birds, as required by the Endangered Species Act. Maxx Phillips, director and staff attorney for the center, said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has failed to designate a critical habitat and develop a recovery plan for the native honeycreeper.

Maxx Phillips, staff attorney and director of the Center for Biological Diversity

Manu Minute: 'I'iwi, the scarlet honeycreeper

To learn more about today's re-aired Manu Minute featuring Dr. Patrick Hart, click here. Subscribe to "Manu Minute" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your RSS feed.

Storm water runoff project includes local students

The city is considering a new water runoff fee for property owners as the city looks to manage the overwhelmed drainage systems. Mark Osman of Data House and John Cheung of Belt Collins spoke with us about a project involving Waipahu High and University of Hawaii students as they study the impacts of storm water runoff.

Mark Osman of Data House and John Cheung of Belt Collins


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