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The Conversation: Thursday, September 29th, 2016

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Hawaii: The Worst State to be a Teacher; ‘We Rise’ from Irie Love; 2016 Hawaii Tourism Conference; History of Queen Emma’s Summer Palace

Hawaii Is the Worst State for Teachers – WalletHub Study: Jill Gonzales

Jill Gonzales

Credit WalletHub.org

This week, Hawaii got some good news: the performance of AP students exceeded national gains and two schools, Noelani Elementary School in Manoa and Helemano Elementary School in Whitmore Village made the list of national Blue Ribbon Schools. This week, Hawaii teachers also got some not so good news - according to the economic data aggregator site WalletHub, Hawaii is the place where teachers are shortchanged the most. Jill Gonzales is WalletHub’s spokesperson.

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Irie Love Takes Her New Album to the Blue Note: Chris McKinney

Irie Love

Credit Irie Love
Irie Love

Stories of seedy gambling dens in Chinatown, gangsters and drug dealing don’t dominate the news the way they did back in the day, but Honolulu’s criminal underworld and its underground economy live on.  It’s a milieu that’s rich in atmosphere for the novelist, and Chris McKinney uses it to full effect in his new novel Yakudoshi: Age of Calamity.  It’s a story of a flawed hero who finds a kind of redemption

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Power of Surveys

Chad Blair

Credit Pixabay

Surveys are on our minds today - we just talked about the WalletHub’s latest economic assessment for teachers...and surveys are also tools that labor unions, special interest groups and the media are using to gauge candidate understanding and positions on issues. For today’s reality check, Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has survey roundup.

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2016 Hawaii Tourism Conference Takeaways: George Szigeti

George Szigeti

Credit George Szigeti

If there is one thing we all know about living in Hawaii, it’s the importance of tourism. This week, the Hawaii Tourism Authority has been holding what it says is the World’s Best Conference on Tourism. It’s featuring a changed format, more interactivity and shared best practices. And, perhaps even more important, there are some global partners, including China, who are participating for the first time. The conference wraps today, and we were curious about the takeaways this year as the tourism market keeps refining itself to optimize growth and visitor experience. George Szigeti is the president and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

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Day at Queen Emma Summer Palace: Mahea Bernal

Mahea Bernal

Credit Wikipedia
H?naiakam?lama aka Queen Emma's Summer Palace

The Daughters of Hawaii, since their founding in 1903, have taken their mission of historic and cultural preservation seriously -- as custodians to sites that include Hanaiakamalama, or the Queen Emma Summer Palace.   Back in 1915, the Daughters saved the Palace from being bulldozed to make way for a baseball field, and they’re been hanging on tight ever since.   Their 40th Annual Day at Queen Emma Summer Palace is this Saturday, and  Mahea Bernal is on the line to tell us more.

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