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The Conversation: Monday, July 4th, 2016


Cuddle Parties Come to Honolulu; Barbershop Quartet; What It Means to be an American; Kona Historical Society Paniolo Exhibit

Cuddle Parties Come to Honolulu: Erica “Tika”Scott

Erica "Tika" Scott

Credit Wikimedia

There’s nothing like a hug- as long as you’re happy about the person you’re hugging. And it seems that could be perfect strangers at a cuddle party...yes a cuddle party. There are rules for the gathering and the phenomenon has been around for over a decade- just as far as we can tell, not in here…which was just the reason new Hawaii resident Erika Scott, who goes by Tika, decided it was time When we talked before the weekend.

Intro Music: America by Neil Diamond

Outro Music: Cuddle Fuddle by Pasion Pit

Barbershop Quartet: Kent Stewart (Kukui Nuts)

Kent Stewart

Credit Flickr
Barbershop Quartet Dapper Dans

It’s a good day to celebrate things that are uniquely American, and you don’t get much more American than the barbershop quartet: sleeve garters; the barber’s pole, looking like a huge candy cane; straw hats and suspenders. There’s more to it than that, of course, as Kent Stewart and his cohorts, the Kukui Nuts, will demonstrate at today’s Lahaina Fourth of July celebration.

Intro Music: Bad 4 U by Imad Royal

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What It Means to be an American: Huston Ladner

Huston Ladner

Credit Flickr
USA American Flag

Listening to the President, to Senators and Congressmen and those who are vying for their jobs this election cycle, we often hear their ideas couched in sentences that begin with the word’ Americans.’ With changing ideas about what exactly are the ideas and values that define all US citizens, we called a University of Hawaii American Studies PhD candidate Huston Ladner to find out what discussions he’s having with with students about just what it means to be an American right now.

Intro Music: Muted Colors by Chain Wallet

Outro Music: Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen

Kona Historical Society Paniolo Exhibit: Joy Holland

Joy Holland

Credit Wikipedia
Hawaiian Paniolo

Try to imagine the early days of cattle ranching on Hawaii Island: huge, long horned beasts roaming the landscape at will. One observer wrote in his journal that “When [the cattle] landed they ran up and down the country in the wildest manner to the no small dread and terror of the natives, who fled from them with the utmost speed in every direction.” It took a while for the paniolo tradition to take hold, and those early days of ranching on the Kona Coast are an untold story that’s now being brought to life with the upcoming exhibit “"Kona Ranching & Kona Cowboys: Our Way of Life" at the Kona Historical Society.

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