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The Conversation: Friday, December 18th 2015

Cities with Highest & Lowest Populations in Need; Hot Club of Hulaville; Financial Planning and End of the Year Giving; Japanese Cultural Society Maui - New Years Traditions

Cities with Highest & Lowest Populations in Need: Jill Gonzalez

Jill Gonzalez

Hawaii homelessness topped the list of public and political focus this year and that’s expected to continue in the coming legislative session. As communities in our state consider how they will counter homelessness, poverty, and lack of affordable housing, a new survey of 150 communities nationwide is providing some context. This week, Wallethub released a follow-up report reviewing the most charitable states... we talked about that one this year. Now the financial information aggregator is ranking communities across the nation based on populations of people in need. Jill Gonzalez is the spokesperson for WalletHub and she joined The Conversation to walk us through the report.

  • Intro Music: Remedy by Adele
  • Outro Music: All It Is by Jasmine Kennedy

Hot Club of Hulaville: Sonny Silva, Willow Chang, and Duane Padilla

Sonny Silva, Willow Chang, and Duane Padilla

Musicians of all stripes add holiday tunes to their repertoire during the holidays and inevitably adapt them to their individual style.   We enjoy inviting our musical friends to stop by during the season, braving the early hours, to share some of their music.  With that in mind… Sonny Silva of the Hot Club of Hulaville, along with vocalist Willow Chang and violinist Duane Padilla, joined us in our studio to give us their take on a jazzy Christmas favorite.

  • Intro Music: Sous Le Ciel De Paris by Hot Club Hulaville
  • Outro Music: In Need - 2002 Digital Remaster by Grand Funk Railroad

Financial Planning and End of the Year Giving: Joanna Amberger

Joanna Amberger

Just in time for the end of the year, the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, or PATH, is expected to pass as currently written. It would make certain charitable tax incentives permanent and give an option for older Americans who will need to take a mandatory distribution from their IRA once they turn 70 and a half and might prefer to donate that money to a charity instead. Joanna Amberger is a certified financial planner and joined the show to provide some explanation. Amberger is also the President of AAUW (American Association of University Women) Honolulu Branch.

  • Intro Music: Finance by Fantastic Animals
  • Outro Music: A Calf Born In Winter by Khruangbin

Japanese Cultural Society Maui - New Years Traditions: Kay Fukumoto

Kay Fukumoto

Thanks to some very determined people, old-country traditions still thrive in Hawai‘i… a case in point being the Japanese Community’s celebration of the New Year.   There’s a great deal to it: mochi-pounding, decorative kadomatsu, and a variety of dishes specific to the occasion.    Kay Fukumoto is a member of the Japanese Cultural Society of Maui, whose members turn out at this time of year to remember the old ways.  The Japanese Cultural Society of Maui is presentingits program Oshogatsu – Japanese New Year’s Traditions on Monday, December 28th, at the Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Social Hall.

  • Intro Music: Suisei – Hanabi by Joji Hirota Taiko
  • Outro Music: New Years by Mino Haruki and Toshu Fukami
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