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The Conversation: Monday, August 31st 2015

Kua Mai Ka Hula Competition

Charter and TWC Merger; Freud’s Last Session; UH Campus Death Protocol; Ku Mai Ka Hula Competition

Charter and TWC Merger: Todd O'Boyle

Todd O'Boyle

In three weeks, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications will each ask their shareholders to approve a proposed merger valued at almost $79 Billion. The meetings will be held separately; with Time Warner Cable shareholders meeting in New York and Charter gathering in Connecticut. Although the deal will still need the approval of federal regulators, the next step is a majority vote by shareholders of both companies. So what about Hawaii customers of Time Warner Cable? Todd O'Boyle, Program Director for Common Cause's Media and Democracy Reform Initiative, says if you have Time Warner Cable you might want consider what you could be losing if the agreement goes forward. The Charter Communications  and Time Warner Cable merger comes up for a shareholders vote on September 21st.

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Freud’s Last Session: Paul Mitri

Paul Mitri

Two giant intellects, each skilled in the arts of debate and persuasion, debating nothing less than “the question of God.”  That’s the focus of the two-character play Freud’s Last Session, which pits rationalist and atheist Sigmund Freud against writer CS Lewis, a former atheist who became a man of faith.   It’s a hypothetical meeting of two of the Twentieth Century’s most powerful minds.  Paul Mitri is taking on the challenge of playing Dr. Freud in the production, and he joined the show to tell us more about it. The show runs the first two weekends of September at Christ Centered Community Church and the third weekend at Kaimuki Christian Church.

  • Intro Music: NYC by CS & Lewis
  • Outro Music: Freudian Slippers by Chilly Gonzalez

UH Campus Death Protocol: Dan Meisenzahl

Dan Meisenzahl

Last week you might remember that we spoke with a UH Manoa professor about the way the school deals with a death on campus. According to Professor Susan Schultz, there is a lack of school policy and community acknowledgement when a death occurs. She said some students and teachers have been blindsided when news of a death arrives through the media or social media. Today, she’ll deliver the petition she started to UH officials. But UH Manoa says Professor Schultz got it wrong and UH Media Spokesperson Dan Meisenzahl joined the show to clarify.

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Ku Mai Ka Hula Competition: Hokulani Holt

Hokulani Holt

Hula is a performing art that thrives on competition, where participating halau spur each other to greater heights in an atmosphere that brings the energy level to a peak.   Maui’s annual Ku Mai Ka Hula competition brings all that performing power to the stage for the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, and its coordinator, Hokulani Holt, joined the show via phone to tell us more. The competition runs September 10th through 12th at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.

  • Intro Music: Birch Tree by Foals
  • Outro Music: Kaeo Hula by Kuana Torres Kahele
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