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Kauai South Shore Plan; Waltah The Worm; Sex Trafficking Bill; E Pili Kakou I Ho`okahi Lahui


Friday, February 20th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Kauai South Shore Plan: Louie Abrams

Louie Abrams

Ideally, a community plan brings together views to move it into the future without losing the best of its past. That idea is behind an ordinance now being considered by the Kauai County Council. That ordinance would regulate growth under a new South Shore Plan. It would be the first of its kind to bring together residents, developers, and government representatives to safeguard the area's cultural character. The President of the Koloa Neighborhood Association, Louie Abrams, joined the show to tell us more about the plan.

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Waltah The Worm Educational TV Program: Dr. Malia Smith

Malia Smith

It’s likely that kids now in elementary school will bring a whole new set of values to the world they will inherit – and there are reasons to hope those values can reverse, or at least slow down, the depleting of our planet’s resources. Sustainability is a fundamental value to the new generations coming up, and in that trend lies hope.  Sustain Hawaii is a local non-profit that has created an educational television program called Waltah the Worm to try to teach the concepts of sustainability. Dr. Malia J. Smith is Waltah’s originator, and she joined us in studio this morning.

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SB265, Sex Trafficking Bill: Justin Kollar

Justin Kollar

Since the beginning of this legislative session, lawmakers have been winnowing down the measures that will define it. Today, we pick up a bill that would convert Hawaii's promoting prostitution laws into sex trafficking. That would bring the state in line with 48 other states which outlaw sex trafficking in their criminal codes. SB265 will get another hearing this morning. Kauai prosecuting attorney, Justin Kollar, says he would like to see it pass and he joined the show to tell us why.

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17th Annual E Pili Kakou I Ho`okahi Lahui: Blaine Kia

Blaine Kia

Blaine Kia is a coordinator of E Pili Kakou I Ho’okahi Lahui, a hula conference and retreat that is now in its 17th year.  It takes place at the Kauai Beach Resort.

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