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Drones Over Kauai; Sewa Fare; Astronomy Benefits HI Economy; Manoa Journal Turns 25

Dr. Marcia Howard

Friday, January 2nd – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Drones Over Kauai: Brian Gray

Brian Gray

It’s not a sight many of us would welcome… a drone hovering outside our window, photographing what’s within.   Yet some people on Kauai have complained of exactly that – drones flying in their yard, shining a light into their window – but, as a county spokeswoman told the Garden Island newspaper “there are no laws currently in place for police to enforce.”   Brian Gray is a Kauai-based video producer who owns drone equipment and wants to be able to use it in his work but he’s concerned about the privacy issue and wants to be able to operate legally.  We spoke with him the other day. More info.


Sewa Fare: Marcia Howard

Marcia Howard

Hawaii and Africa are approximately 12-thousand miles apart on the face of the planet.  But the musical traditions have a way of transcending geographical distances.  Hawaii now has its own West African dance and drum ensemble and you will have a chance to join this group at the Honolulu Martin Luther King Day in a few weeks. Here to tell us more about the Sewa Fare is a full time public school teacher who last week picked up her doctorate degree from UHM's College of Education with a concentration in Exceptionalities and Multiculturalism. Dr. Howard has been teaching special education for 20 years in both Brooklyn, NY where she was born and raised and here on Oahu. She shares her love for education, culture, and African dance with the students and colleagues at all schools she teaches. In 2004, she implemented the first Black History Month celebration at Kalihi Intermediate School



Astronomy Benefits HI Economy: Dr. Bob Mclaren

Bob McLaren

The last couple of years have seen a revival of interest in space exploration, and with it a welcome return to the fascinating science behind it. Hawaii is, of course, a world center for the study of the skies, and we asked Dr. Bob McLaren, Associate Director of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, why that’s important…


Manoa Journal Turns 25: Frank Stewart

Frank Stewart

Credit Manoa Journal
Manoa Journal

It’s been travel time for a lot of folks during the past few weeks. Many come to Hawai‘i for the weather, but many are also drawn by the promise of experiencing a culture, place, and history different than their own.  Travel offers this benefit, but so does literature. In fact, International literature is an understandingly popular route to understanding a globalized society.  For a full 25 years Manoa Journal has offered readers armchair travel. To date, the journal has published 50 volumes and over 1,200 writers, reviewers, and editors. Where will Manoa Journal take us in 2015 is one of the questions we asked the publication’s Editor, Frank Stewart.

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