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Financial Disclosure Law; Amy Hill's Acting Workshop; Pedestrian Safety; TAG Hawai‘i Auditions

Friday, July 11th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Board Members Resigning / Financial Disclosure Law: Ian Lind

Ian Lind

Some may be thinking "we told you so," and others may just be glad to see them go. This week the number of board and commission members who resigned to avoid public financial disclosure under a newly passed law rose to 18. A few meetings had to be canceled for lack of quorum. But even with the financial disclosure required under the law Governor Abercrombie allowed to pass without his signature, journalist Ian Lind says there are areas where our state’s ethics law falls short. He joined this morning by phone.

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Acting Workshop: Amy Hill

Amy Hill

There’s so much more to the craft of acting than just being good at it. Innate talent or even years of training offer no guarantees of success. Actors at just about any level can always benefit from practical advice from those who have been there before, and that’s why Amy Hill’s in town. She’s got 35 years’ experience as a stage, film, and television actor, and she’s leading a weekend workshop on the craft of acting.  She was with us this morning in the studio to chat.

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Pedestrian Safety, Walk Wise: Lance Rae

Lance Rae

In May, Hawai‘i was again designated the worst in the nation for pedestrian safety for seniors over 65 years old. Over the past few weeks, we've had more reminders of Hawai‘i's ranking by the Smart Growth America survey. In a state known for residents' longevity, and in a state that proclaims that k?puna should be respected, how do these elderly pedestrian fatalities continue to track year after year? The Walk Wise Hawai‘i committee wrestles with those questions. Lance Rae is a member and joined us this morning to discuss.

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The Actors’ Group Auditions: Brad Powell

Brad Powell

Bickering siblings in a drawing room, filled with secret longings that burst forth when a family member arrives and stirs everyone up – it’s like a play by Chekhov, except not. It’s a lot funnier, for one thing. “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” is a Tony-award-winning send-up of the Russian master that wrings plenty of laughs with its cast of characters… if the right actors are playing them.  Brad Powell is the director of a new Actor’s Group production that’s in the casting stage. Auditions are tomorrow, and we wanted to ask Brad just what – and who – he’s looking for.

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