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Suicide Rate Among Veterans; "Catch Me If You Can"; Homelessness; "Voyages" Art Show

Monday, May 26th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

High Suicide Rate Amongst U.S. Veterans: Anthony Pignataro

Anthony Pignataro

There’s an inside crowd of people which really knows the meaning of Memorial Day. Those are the families and friends of service members who died during their military service. As America remembers those servicemen and women, Maui Time editor, Anthony Pignataro would argue there’s another group that also needs to be remembered today: veterans who have committed suicide. A report by the Veterans Administration released last year says about 22 vets take their lives each day. Today Anthony Pignataro joined us to remember one of them.

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DHT's Catch Me if You Can: Mo Radke

Mo Radke

Audiences have a fascination with the forbidden; we love characters who do the things we would never dare to do. For a couple of hours, we can live vicariously through them, and then return to the relative safety of our lives.  Stories of the bold and adventurous are even better when they are true, as with Frank Abagnale Junior, the 60’s-era impostor who got away with posing as an airline pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer before his antics caught up with him.  His story is the basis of the musical “Catch Me If You Can,” and Mo Radke joined us for a discussion of it.

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Alternate Perspective on Homelessness: Larry Geller

Larry Geller

As in many other states, Hawaii is continuing to grapple with how it helps its homeless population. As we’ve talked about many times, Hawaii is aligning with Housing First programs to get homeless people into permanent housing. Disappeared News editor Larry Geller says the City and the State focus on that effort has been in his words a woeful failure. Larry Geller joined us with his reasons this morning.

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“Voyages” Art Show: Regina Bode

Regina Bode

Long before Western contact, life in these islands was sustained by the land and sea, and by the plants and animals Hawaii’s original settlers brought with them.   The original “Canoe Plants” included ‘awa, kalo (or taro), along with breadfruit, sugar cane, and sweet potato.   A new art show called “Voyages” by Regina Bode is inspired by those original introduced species, and by the way they affect our lives today.

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