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HB1926; "Dixie Swim Club"; HB1420; Maui Land Trust Hike

It’s Friday,  March 21st – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HB1926, Prostitution and Sex Crimes: Kathryn Xian

Kathryn Xian

A bill we talked about at the start of the session is up for another hearing today. HB1926 was part of the package from the keiki caucus, but there’s nothing child-friendly about it. The bill deals with prostitution and sex crimes.  According to its overwhelming supporters, the bill is all to the good - except for one thing: many believe the original language stripped out of the latest version should be reinserted. Advocate Kathryn Xian is the Executive Director of Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery and she joined us this morning to talk about the differences.

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Kauai Community Players Dixie Swim Club: Will Welch

Will Welch

How much do most of us rely on our friends?  Particularly, our oldest friendships. For many, they are a constant in an otherwise turbulent life.  There’s something comforting about people who know us well, with all our faults, and love us anyway. That kind of lasting affection provides an undercurrent to the Dixie Swim Club, a comedy about five women, former teammates and best friends forever, who stay with each other down through the decades.  It’s a Kauai Community Players production that opens tonight, and show producer Will Welch told us all about it.

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HB1420, Service Animals Bill: Louis Erteschik

Louis Erteschik

This conversation asks a basic question: what is a legitimate service animal?  The answer is at the heart of a bill up for hearing this morning. And it has a lot to do with an animal trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. But what kind of training and what kind of disability? Louis Erteschik is the Executive Director of the Hawaii Disability Rights Center, and today, we asked him.

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Maui Land Trust Hike: Scott Fisher

Scott Fisher

The best way to get a feel for the land is to get on the land… When you hike around the state, you get a sense of its past, precarious state of the natural environment, and the remarkable ingenuity of the people who lived there long ago.  With that in mind the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust is offering a series of “Talk Story on the Land” hikes around the islands, and we talked with Scott Fisher, the Trusts’s Director of Conversation, about them.

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