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Protests in Thailand; "Love, Loss, and What I Wore"; Mobile Phone Bill; Classical Guitar

It’s Wednesday, March 12th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Reform Protests in Thailand: Kerry Gershaneck

Kerry Gershaneck

Political unrest in Thailand continues as protesters seek to bring down their current government and many believe that country’s prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra is a puppet official for the real power of her brother, and former PM, ousted in 2006. For the last two months, Thailand has been in a state of emergency, with millions of Thai people answering the call to shut down Bangkok.  Kerry Gershaneck is a senior associate with Pacific Forum, Center for Strategic & International Studies and recently returned from a 3 month study of the area.

Intro Music: Peace in Zaire Mix by DJ Spooky Vs. The Dub Pistols

Outro Music: The Dance of the Pygmy by Fong Naam

MVT’s “Love, Loss, and What I Wore”: David Farmer

David Farmer

Few modern writers have drawn as much affectionate humor from the condition of being female as the late Nora Ephron, who saved some of her best lines for the play “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” a piece she wrote with her sister.   In it, the characters, all women, look at their lives through what they had on at a given time.   It’s a great device; it gives them opportunities to go off in all directions – which they do.   The play is a collection of dream parts for the actresses of Mano’a Valley Theatre; director David Farmer is pulling it all together for two performances next week, and he’s with us this morning.

Intro Music: I’ve Got the World On A String by Art Tatem

Outro Music: The Lady Is A Tramp by Frank Sinatra

SB2729, Mobile Phone Bill: Wayne Parsons

Wayne Parsons

You know Hawaii’s distracted driving law means you’re not supposed to talk or text while holding your phone.  Even so, there are those who still do it, and who say the law needs to be changed. A bill scheduled for hearing today would do that... Attorney Wayne Parsons has been involved with distracted driving education with Hawaii teens and says the rest of us need an education , too. about what really happens in our brains, regardless of a handsfree device. We met early this morning and  asked him about latest move to water down Hawaii’s mobile phone law.

Intro Music: Fun To Be Happy by Love Tractor

Outro Music: Semper by Dorena

Orvis Concert by Hawaii Composers: Classical Guitarist, Ian O’Sullivan

Ian O'Sullivan

There’s plenty of overlap between classical guitar compositions and Hawaiian music; both bring out the warmth of the instrument and favor the rich sound of the acoustic guitar, played with the fingers instead of a pick.   Ian O’Sullivan is a trained classical guitarist, born and raised here, who moves comfortably in both styles and is bringing them to the rvis Auditorium, at UH-Mano’a, in a solo cncert this Friday.  He’s here with his axe to give us a review.

Intro Sounds: Mokuleia by Ian O’Sullivan

Outro Music: Dawning by Ian O’Sullivan

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