Vandals Overturn Headstones At Historic Kawaiahaō Cemetery

Jul 5, 2019

Credit Cliff/flckr

Kawaiahaō Church officials say vandals knocked down more than two dozen headstones at the cemetry of the historic church in downtown Honolulu.

Kawaiahao Church Board Chairman Brickwood Galuteria told Hawaii News Now that a maintenance worker discovered the damage early Wednesday.

The heavy stone grave markers — some more than a century old — were found toppled off their bases. The vandalism was reported to police.

Volunteers were working with a historian Thursday to carefully right the overturned stones.

The church and cemetery are part of the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site. The Kawaiahao Church was the first Christian church built on Oahu.

Galuteria says the church has been assuring families that it will pay for the damage.