Dave Mason - Off The Road - HPR's All Things Considered

Dec 10, 2020

Credit artist photo courtesy of Chris Jensen

Today our Off the Road series welcomes Dave Mason back to HPR for another chat with All Things Considered Honolulu Host Dave Lawrence. He continues the interview series which features hours of conversations and many exclusive musical performances as we connect remotely with artists around the world during the pandemic.

Dave Mason has just released Alone Together… Again, a re-recorded, or “reimagined”, version of his classic 1970 debut solo album. This 50th anniversary celebration features songs from the original release redone over the years at a few different times, as he explained in our interview, including some with Maui vocalist Gretchen Rhodes. He also speaks about how it was the pandemic that inspired a more fulltime move to the Valley Isle, where he’s been a sometime resident for years.

On the note of Maui, the original member of Traffic also offers up a moving tribute to the recently lost local musician Willie K. What makes this episode of Off the Road even more compelling, Dave Mason breaks out his guitar and offers up some tasty live solo guitar in honor of Willie K. It’s among several exclusive musical performances so far during the series.

The full interview is also posted, providing more insight into Dave Mason’s reimagining of the album, and some highlights of classic stories during his colorful life, including the sessions that would launch the famous Eric Clapton project Derek and The Dominos.


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