The Conversation: Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki's New Book, Thoughts on Race and Gender

Mar 29, 2021

Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki's new book and thoughts on race and gender; Small-scale farmers and access to local food; Non-fungible tokens, what exactly are they?

Pat Saiki's new book and thoughts on race and gender

Credit Courtesy: Watermark Publishing

Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki's new book "A Woman in the House" reflects on her long career as an educator and lawmaker from Hawai‘i. One of only a few Republicans to ever represent the state in Washington, she served in Congress from 1987 to 1991 and headed the Small Business Administration under President George H.W. Bush. "Women are just beginning to poke their heads into leadership positions and I'm glad to see that change occuring," Saiki told The Conversation. 

Reality Check with Civil Beat: Permanent State Job Corps Proposed in Legislature | Full Article 

The coronavirus pandemic all but toppled Hawai‘i's tourism industry, driving up unemployment and revealing a need for a more diversified state economy. State lawmakers are considering the creation of a permanent state job corps that would educate and train people in conservation, agriculture, technology and green energy, Civil Beat reporter Britanny Lyte told us.

Non-fungible tokens: what exactly are they?

Credit WorldSpectrum from Pixabay

Non-fungible tokens have been in the news a lot lately as a new way to buy and trade digital media, but what exactly are people buying? HPR's Burt Lum of Bytemarks Cafe sat down with us to outline the basics.


Many of you tuned into our call-in show this month highlighting resources for small-scale farmers and expanding access to local food. Here’s one of our guests, Melanie Bondera, talking about the Keauhou Farmers Market on Big Island adapted during the first lockdown of the pandemic.

Are you a local grower and part of a co-op or CSA? Do you have a favorite farmers’ market or local produce stand that you want people to know about? Call into our talkback line at 808-792-8217 and give your favorite farmers a shout out! We’ll share your comments on a future show.