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The Conversation: Protecting the natural beauty of Hawaii, and how do we pay for it?

Patrick Brush
Ka'au Crater, O'ahu

Ken Hayes, an invertebrate biologist, and Jack Kittinger of Conservation International were our guests for a live, call-in show about conservation. How do we protect the natural beauty of our islands? And how do we pay for it?

We discuss not only looking after land and water, but also vulnerable plants, animals, and the many other parts of our overall environment. And whether charging tourists "green fees" would be a feasible way to fund conservation efforts.

Ken Hayes
Hawaiʻi Public Radio
Ken Hayes (R) at Hawaiʻi Public Radio with HPR News Director Bill Dorman (L), filling in for Catherine Cruz, on Nov. 24, 2021.

Bill Dorman has been the news director of Hawai‘i Public Radio since February 2011. Born in New York City, he spent 21 years at CNN in various positions behind the scenes and on the air in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC, and Tokyo, Japan. He was also managing editor of Asia Pacific Broadcast for Bloomberg News for five years before moving to Hawai‘i in 2009. He’s covered stories from more than twenty countries and territories.
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