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Peter Frampton - Part Two - Off The Road with Dave Lawrence - February 2021

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Today HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence concludes our latest interview in the Off The Road series with rock legend Peter Frampton. Peter recently released his memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do, and has a new album due in April, Frampton Forgets the Words, a collection of instrumental covers (hear the first single below). Peter joined us from his home in Nashville.

Peter Frampton’s career continues decades after his music career began in the 1960’s, and he joined us after his Finale Tour was interrupted by the pandemic, sharing stories about how the virus first impacted his plans early in 2020. His Finale Tour was brought about by a diagnosis of the degenerative muscle disease IBM – Inclusion Body Myositis.

Peter’s memoir, and our conversation, start with his musical aspirations beginning as a little boy, with key early experiences based around a piano in his grandmother’s house, and the subsequent discovery of a banjolele in his attic, which his father helped him learn to play. From early bands Little Ravens, The Trubeats and Preachers on through The Herd and Humble Pie, his talents were honed, leading to his remarkable solo career and significant spot in pop culture that remains strong enough to find his songs up and down the radio dial, and used as shopping music in convenience stores and other retail outlets, giving him a ubiquitous presence.

In part one of our radio feature, we explored two of the massive music icons that factor into Peter Frampton’s life journey: David Bowie and Stevie Wonder. Peter is as talented as a storyteller as he is a musician, you’ll hear.

Today we’ll dial in on two other huge connections that shaped his life, The Beatles’ George Harrison and The Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman. We’ve also posted the complete interview.

Off The Road is a series of interviews with musicians remotely sharing how they’ve been touched by the pandemic and other crises, including hours of conversation and many exclusive musical performances, speaking to artists across the musical spectrum, including Al Di Meola, System Of A Down, Carlos Santana, 10,000 Maniacs, John McLaughlin, Third World, Linda Ronstadt, Deep Purple, and Heart.

Browse and hear the complete Off the Road series at hawaiipublicradio.org/offtheroad.


Peter's first single from the upcoming album Frampton Forgets the Words is a cover of Radiohead's Reckoner:

Learn more about Peter's recent memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do, from Peter himself:

See a live video of Peter performing on his Finale Tour:

See a classic live video of Peter performing his monster hit Show Me The Way:

Hear the complete new interview with Peter:

Credit credit Rob Arthur

Hear our previous interviews with Peter: 2016, 2010 advance, 2010 hotel, 2006 and 2004.   

Peter Frampton speaks with HPR's Dave Lawrence in Honolulu, November 2010

Browse and hear the complete Off the Road series at hawaiipublicradio.org/offtheroad.


Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road) and Stargazer.
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