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Koko Head Archery Range opens with refurbished targets

Honolulu Department of Parks & Recreation

The Koko Head Archery Range reopened Friday afternoon, following a months-long closure to renovate the entire Koko Head Shooting Complex.

The archery range now has five refurbished targets open to the public. Those participating are encouraged to police themselves and bring their own target faces.

Renovations for the rest of the complex remain closed, but are expected to reopen next month.

Honolulu Department of Parks & Recreation

Last September, the Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation suddenly announced the immediate closure of the range — citing a "staff shortage" as the main concern.

The department stated that blood test results from complex employees indicated trace amounts of lead were present.

While they said the test levels were well below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's standards for concern, staff were relocated out of an "abundance of caution."

In the meantime, the closure allowed for the range to take on several renovation projects. As of Friday, the planned roofing repairs, painting, fencing and landscape work have begun or are near completion.

Koko Head Shooting Complex is free to the public, provided that shooters bring their own equipment. For the rules and procedures of the range, click here.

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