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Hawaiian Humane Society extends its paws to West Oʻahu

Ewa humane society
Zoe Dym

The Hawaiian Humane Society will expand its services to Leeward Oʻahu with a new shelter in ʻEwa.

The 5-acre campus will feature shelter spaces, spay and neuter rooms, and a dog park for public access.

ewa humane society overnight kennels
Zoe Dym
The overnight kennels at Ewa Hawaiian Humane Society

It will also house Oʻahu's first 'after hour' kennel space, where people can bring homeless animals to the shelter at night.

The ʻEwa campus will be able to house up to 400 animals depending on their size and needs.

Hawaiian Humane Society currently has one location in Honolulu. The Honolulu location will act as the main campus after construction in ʻEwa finishes.

"People that are living on the west side may not have ever used our services, because it's too far," said Humane Society president Anna Neubauer.

"And so having a brick and mortar location over on this side will allow people the opportunity to come and interact with us."

The construction of the ʻEwa Hawaiian Humane Society costs $30 million.

The shelter is expected to open in March 2023. Once the ʻEwa campus opens, the shelter will accept animals from neighbor island Humane Societies and local animal organizations.

Zoe Dym was a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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