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Queer superhero fantasy show to debut at Windward Community College

The "Demigods Anonymous" cast. The show will run from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6.
Windward Community College
The "Demigods Anonymous" cast. The show will run from Oct. 28 to Nov. 6.

A queer woman, her girlfriend and their friends have the superhero power to transform into animals. They shapeshift by manifesting the powers of kupua, or demigods.

But because their transformations are often triggered by mental health struggles, the group attends mandatory rehab sessions together — where they endure an evil meeting facilitator.

That’s the setup for “Demigods Anonymous,” a fantasy show debuting at Windward Community College’s Palikū Theatre. The play is written by Noa Helelā, who said the show is important because it showcases queer and Indigenous characters.

She said the show also mirrors some of her own mental health struggles with coming out as a queer woman, including the difficulties she faced while seeking help.

“Every step of this process has been extremely therapeutic because some of these are issues that I still struggle with and have struggled with recently,” Helelā said. “And I think that a lot of the things I’m writing often feel like reminders to myself and to others going through similar things that you’re not alone. And it’s OK to feel these things. And it’s OK to go through these things. And that it is normal.”

“Demigods Anonymous” was first performed at Kumu Kahua Theatre in 2018, but Helelā said it has since been updated and reworked.

The show opens on Friday, Oct. 28, and runs through Nov. 6. For more information, click here.

Jayna Omaye was a culture and arts reporter at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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