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Surveyed Kauaʻi residents continue to feel concerned about COVID-19

AP Photo/Caleb Jones
People line up to get COVID-19 vaccinations in Lihue on March 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Caleb Jones)

A majority of surveyed Kauaʻi residents continue to feel concerned about COVID-19 and the pandemic, according to a new report from the state Department of Health and Kauaʻi District Health Office.

Kauaʻi residents were surveyed in July through a Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response, or CASPER. The report acts as a sample of how the community feels as a whole.

Sitxy-nine percent of Kauaʻi households said they were still very or somewhat concerned about household members getting sick with COVID-19.

More than a third said they experienced emotional distress related to the pandemic. That's only slightly down from early pandemic results.

The survey did find some recovery. The percentage of households that reported a stable income grew to 72%.

Just over 80% of Kauaʻi households said that they think it is very or somewhat important to wear a mask indoors. Eighty-five percent reported that at least some or all household members are vaccinated.

“The results of this survey show us that Kauaʻi residents continue to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their day-to-day lives and are taking steps to protect themselves with vaccinations and masking,” said Dr. Janet Berreman, Kauaʻi District Health Officer, in a statement. “It is gratifying that residents have the tools they need to protect themselves and that they have a positive perception of the local response.”

The Kauaʻi District Health Office has performed four of these CASPER tests since 2017. A final, summarizing COVID-19 report is expected.

View the preliminary 2022 report and prior reports at

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