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Honolulu Board of Water Supply finds no contamination in its Halawa Shaft

Halawa Shaft 2019 board of water supply
Honolulu Board of Water Supply
A look inside the Board of Water Supply's Halawa Shaft facility in 2019.

A report released by the Honolulu Board of Water supply found no contaminants in its Halawa Shaft. Samples were collected on Dec. 1.

“What we found in Halawa shaft, in that particular report, is consistent with what we have been detecting over the last eight years — that there is no evidence of fuel contamination nor JP-5, JP-8 in the water as well as any of the total petroleum hydrocarbons gasoline, diesel, or oil fractions" said Erwin Kawata, the Board of Water Supply’s water quality program administrator.

Erwin Kawata Honolulu Board of Water Supply.JPG
Jason Ubay
The Honolulu Board of Water Supply's Erwin Kawata, water quality program administrator, and Ernest "Ernie" Lau (in background), manager and chief engineer, addressed the media in Honolulu on Monday, Dec. 13, 2021.

They also did not detect other fuel components or hydrocarbons, nor did they find naphthalene. The report shows no heavy metals such as lead and mercury were detected.

The Board of Water Supply will also monitor pump stations at Halawa Well, Aiea Well, Aiea Gulch and Moanalua Well on a weekly basis. Samples were collected last week and have been sent to a lab.

Results will be posted on their website.

The Halawa shaft, which supplies about 20% of the water to urban Honolulu, was shut down on Dec. 2 after petroleum was found in a Navy well that pumps from the same aquifer.

BWS Halawa Shaft Test Results from samples collected Dec. 1:

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