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Merrie Monarch Festival 2021 Set for the Summer

Courtesy Merrie Monarch Festival

After canceling the 2020 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Merrie Monarch Festival is set for June 24, 25 and 26 without a live audience.

Event organizers will create a bubble for the hula festival participants. H?lau members, festival staff and camera crews will undergo multiple COVID testing during a 5-day isolation period prior to entering the competition venue. Daily screenings will continue through the festival.

There will be no live audience when the perfomances happen at Edith Kanaka?ole Stadium in Hilo on June 24, 25 and 26.  It will then be broadcast a week later on Hawaii News Now KFVE on July 1, 2 and 3, at which time the winners will be announced.

A total of 15 h?lau will participate in 11 Wahine and eight K?ne performances in both the Kahiko and ?Auana categories as well as seven Miss Aloha Hula entrants.

The 2020 event was scheduled for the spring but was canceled due to the pandemic. It was the first time the event had not been held since 1964.

List of Participating H?lau:

  • H?lau Hi‘iakain?makalehua

  • H?lau Hula ‘O N?punaheleon?pua

  • H?lau Hula Ke ‘Olu Makani O Mauna Loa

  • H?lau Hula Olana

  • H?lau I Ka W?kiu

  • H?lau Ka Lei Mokihana o Lein?‘ala

  • H?lau Ka Liko Pua O Kalani?kea

  • H?lau Kala‘akeakauikaw?kiu

  • H?lau Kekuaokal??au?ala?iliahi

  • H?lau Keolakapuokalani

  • H?lau O Ka Hanu Lehua

  • Ka L? ‘?nohi Mai O Ha‘eha‘e

  • Kawai‘ulaokal?

  • Kawaili‘ul?

  • Ke Kai O Kahiki

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