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Helping Hand - Center for Biological Diversity Pacific Walrus lawsuit

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Helping Hand - May 25, 2018 complete interview with Center for Biological Diversity

This week on Helping Hand we’re learning about a crisis in our Asia Pacific neighborhood revolving around the Pacific Walrus. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with the Center for Biological Diversity and one of their staff attorneys, Emily Jeffers, about it. Recently the Trump administration denied Endangered Species Act protection to the Pacific Walrus, despite the animals facing an existential threat due to diminishing sea ice brought on by climate change. The Center for Biological Diversity has taken up their fight, and is suing the Trump Administration to get them protected. We learn more about the crisis and how this nonprofit uses donations to fund legal battles to defend vulnerable creatures, and gives voice to animals that need a helping hand.

Helping Hand is a weekly feature airing statewide on HPR1 stations Fridays as part of our afternoon drive broadcast of All Things Considered, and then archived here. Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization, topic or event that offers assistance to those with disabilities and the most vulnerable.

Contact the Center for Biological Diversity:

Website: biologicaldiversity.org (where you can make a secure donation online)

Email: center@biologicaldiversity.org

Phone: (866) 357-3349

Find them on Facebook and Youtube.

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Learn more about these endearing and highly intelligent animals and their crisis:

Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road) and Stargazer.
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