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Paradise Cove: Whose Paradise?

noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

Paradise Cove is a Hawaii-based collective presenting site-specific installations and art-related events. They create temporary experiences that encourage people to think critically about Hawaii, and they like to exhibit in places where people do not usually think too critically.  For the rest of the month, Paradise Cove has exhibits up at Ars Cafe on Monsarrat Avenue and at Ward Warehouse, in a typical retail storefront.  HPR's Noe Tanigawa spoke with one of the members.

noe tanigawa
Credit noe tanigawa
PC_TD_6 (Pareu) Latex paint on fabric. At the Ars Cafe show through the end of June, 2017.

Visual artist Drew Broderick is a member of Paradise Cove.  He personally has produced some of the most engaging and critical artworks in Honolulu the last few years.  Engaging because they draw you in, the critical part hits you later.  Which is nice.  In this interview, hear a different perspective on working outside the "Individual Genius" mold, and making art that matters today.  A new exhibition at the Paradise Cove space in Ward Warehouse will run through July, 2017.

Noe Tanigawa covered art, culture and ideas for two decades at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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