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The Mind Behind the Seed

noe tanigawa


   The five major biotech companies that dominate global seed production moved into Hawai’i after sugar and pineapple.  Since our climate allows three crop rotations per year, Hawai’i is now the number one place for experimental GE crops in the nation.  HPR’sNoeTanigawa reports on the global food system we are a part of.

For a broad view of food and sustainability issues today, read the United Nations’ Trade and Environment Review 2013:  “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late:  Make Agriculture Truly Sustainable Now for Food Security in a Changing Climate”  United Nations publication ssn 1810-5432

Susan Bragdon, of the Quaker United Nations Organization, recommends the Oxfam website for a clear view of food issues today.

Monsanto Hawai’i has launched a community outreach effort which includes an invitation to visit their facility on O’ahu.

Noe Tanigawa covered art, culture and ideas for two decades at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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