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Giving and Sharing Gratitude in Difficult Times

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Bardi Toto
"Kids for Gratitude: Inspiring Kids to Become The Leaders of Tomorrow"

Lifestyle influencer and author Bardi Toto has made gratitude the foundation of her business and her life. Her book “Kids for Gratitude” seeks to inspire adults to model for children the daily expression of giving and sharing gratitude.

She says it’s a concept that shouldn’t be limited to just special occasions. The Conversation spoke with Toto who says her mindset is rooted in having been raised in Hawaiʻi.

"I look at the aloha spirit as gratitude. And I'm so grateful that my mother moved me to Hawaiʻi at such a young age that I had the opportunity to experience that," she said. "When I came to Hawaiʻi, my family was very small. And I felt people around me that they just accepted you for you. They were kind and welcomed you into their family."

Click the "Listen" button to hear this interview from The Conversation on Sept. 21, 2021.

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