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PIDGINMOJI Launches Locally Made Fortune Cookies in Pidgin

PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookie.jpg
Lillian Tsang

Tuesday was National Fortune Cookie Day and if you’ve ever wanted to open the crispy treat and read your fortune in pidgin, well, now you can. From the creator of the PIDGINMOJI phone application now comes the PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookie.

The fortune cookies are completely made in Hawaiʻi, from the wafer to the writing on the paper. There are 150 unique fortunes!

The Conversation spoke with PIDGINMOJI owner Kaʻohele Carlos to learn how his company expanded from local emojis to a lifestyle brand.

"For those who do know pidgin it's a great way just to kind of read through and get some humorous interpretations. And then for those who don't know pidgin, it's a learning experience," Carlos said.

The PIDGINMOJI Fortune Cookie is available only at the Hawaiian Chip Company in Kalihi, but it could be coming soon to a grocery store shelf near you.

This segment aired on The Conversation on July 20, 2021.

Lillian Tsang is the senior producer of The Conversation. She has been part of the talk show team since it first aired in 2011. Contact her at
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