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NAHIKU, Hawaii — Hawaii scientists have used helicopters to launch an aerial attack against an invasive ant species in east Maui.


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A Kaimuki resident reported that she and her infant were stung by Little Fire Ants last week. They noticed the ants were crawling on the nightstand where a staghorn fern was placed. The plant was purchased last month at the Punahou Carnival.

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Hawaii Governor David Ige hosted the 2018 winter meeting of the Western Governors' Association in Kona this week. Ige selected invasive species as the topic for the two day event. Hawaii's efforts to study and control the Little Fire Ant were highlighted during one panel discussion.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park / Flickr

Little Fire Ants have been found in Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

The Conversation: Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Oct 12, 2017
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Stop the Ant Month

Sep 27, 2017
Forest & Kim / Flickr
Forest & Kim / Flickr

October will be declared “Stop the Ant” month on the Big Island.

Good Shepherd Foundation

Tonight on Hawai‘i Island, there is a presentation from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pāhoa Community Center discussing an epidemic of eye disease in pets in the Puna area. Some believe there is a potential connection to the Little Fire Ant, though that relationship remains speculative for now. From the non-profit Good Shepherd Foundation, Director Syd Singer spoke with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence about it.



The Little Fire Ant infestation on Hawai‘i Island may be hurting dogs and cats.  Reports say that bites from the ants may be causing a clouding of the eyes of pets, sometimes leading to partial blindness.  Animal advocates say the condition is called tropical keratopathy and is found in tropical and semi-tropical places, especially where there are Little Fire Ants.  While the link has not been proven, advocates say more research is needed.

Little Fire Ants on Maui

Dec 19, 2014

Little fire ants are a problem usually associated with Hawaii Island. But in September, an established colony of fire ants was discovered on 20 acres of heavily forested land on Maui. It's the biggest infestation outside the Big Island.  And now a team is planning a counter attack not only on the ground, but also in the trees. Eileen Chao has more from the Maui News.

Little Fire Ants Cause Big Problems

Jan 13, 2014
Hawaii Department of Agriculture
Hawaii Department of Agriculture

They’re no bigger than the head of a pin, but the Little Fire Ant can cause a huge amount of damage. The stinging ants have been on Hawaii Island for years. And now officials are worried it’s spreading to outer islands. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports.

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