Electric Vehicles

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation on Thursday urged travelers going to the Daniel K. Inouye Honolulu Airport to leave their cars at home and have someone drop them off as the parking structures are reaching capacity.

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Trade talks between the United States and China remain a focus for global financial markets, as they have been for much of the week. But there’s other trade news involving China this week — and it’s a story involving billions of dollars and renewable energy.

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Electric vehicles still make up a small percentage of the cars on Hawai‘i’s roads — although they are growing. And according to a recent report by the credit agency Experian, Honolulu is among the top ten markets in the country for electric cars. But when it comes to batteries for electric vehicles, that part of the story comes from Asia.

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Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, not only here in the islands, but also across the country. Last week, Colorado announced steps to increase the sale and availability of electric vehicles. But in the Asia Pacific, there’s a market that’s growing even faster — especially when it comes to buses.