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The Conversation: Passed Measure Allows State to Extend Public Land Leases


State lawmakers pass measure allowing state to extend leases of public lands; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Investigations of police fatal shootings; The Long View: Public relationship with law enforcement; Pandemic parenting and education tips; Native Hawaiian sons of the Civil War

State lawmakers pass measure allowing state to extend leases of public lands

Hawai?i lawmakers passed a measure that will allow the state to extend leases of public lands for up to 40 years if tenants agree to make significant improvements to the property. HPR's Ku‘uwehi Hiraishi shares what supporters and critics are saying about the measure that will now go to Gov. David Ige for approval.

Ku‘uwehi Hiraishi, Hawaii Public Radio reporter

Reality Check with Civil Beat: Investigations of police fatal shootings | Full Article

Credit Casey Harlow / HPR

In the aftermath of two fatal shootings by the Honolulu Police Department this month, the Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says it is rethinking how the police department investigates itself. Civil Beat reporter Christina Jedra spoke with us about the proposed reform. 

Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Christina Jedra

The Long View with Neal Milner: Public perception of law enforcement

Political analyst Neal Milner shares research on the public perception of law enforcement and which demographic factors affect those perceptions. 

Political analyst Neal Milner

Pandemic parenting and education tips

Karen K.C. Gibson is a parent and educator who helps stressed parents--the ones tutoring their own children while trying to work at home. She began sharing parenting tips which then turned into a book, “One Hundred Parenting Tips Inspired by the Pandemic."

Karen Gibson, parent and tutor

Native Hawaiian sons of the Civil War | Link

Credit Catherine Cruz/Hawaii Public Radio

Closing out this week’s segments focusing on the Civil War, we heard about three men whose tombstones are at the far Diamond Head corner of the Oahu Cemetery. Historian Nanette Napoleon came across a marker for a Hawaii son who died in the Carribean and whose body was never returned home. 

Historian Nanette Napoleon

More information:

  • The Effects of the American Civil War on Hawai’i and the Pacific World | Link
  • America's Civil War in the Pacific: Effects of the CSS Shenandoah Incident at Pohnpei Island | Link
  • Hawai‘i at Home During the American Civil War | Link


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